3D FDTD calculation of the
    transmission of light through a slit
    in a thin film.


- jScience library (v1.1 for new JFDTD codes - 2D & 3D, v1.0 is OK for
JDFTD3D v1.0)
The Computational Physicist

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     jFDTD2D is similar to FDTD++ (external link), except z-derivatives have
been set to zero (i.e., the Helmholtz equation is solved) and electric field
components are in plane.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The original 3D FDTD code,
jFDTD3D, has been rewritten and renamed
FDTD++, and
is now available at
FDTD++ (external link). It is now
fully-featured FDTD software.

The 2D version has not yet been incorporated into
FDTD++ (external link), and is still available below.